About us

The company Crypt, s.r.o. with registered seat at Stráž 8419, 960 01 Zvolen, the Slovak Republic, Business Id. No.: 44 533 411 as the selected person pursuant to § 6 Section 3 of ZoRK, which has been specified by the parties of arbitration agreement, shall ensure the qualified selection of arbitrator, which shall be obliged to execute the arbitration in respect of the legal dispute between the parties and make a reasonable decision.

Our ambition is to provide legal and natural persons with a mean of fast and effective application of their rights which represents a full-value alternative to civil proceedings conducted by general courts on the territory of the Slovak Republic.

Business and civil disputes are tried before and decided by the arbitrators appointed by the company Crypt, s.r.o. the proficiency, qualification and practical experience of which constitutes a guarantee of rendering a legal, fast, objective and reasonable decision.

The arbitrators, when trying and deciding the disputes, lay stress on proper application of legal regulations by respecting the actual domestic and international court’s case law so that a reasonable protection of rights and interests of the parties to proceeding and also an adherence to laws, honest fulfilling of obligations and a regard to rights of other persons are guaranteed.

The appointed arbitrators, being aware of their status in arbitration, rigorously observe and fulfill all and any obligations thereof prescribed by laws, in particular the obligations specified in § 6a of ZoRK:

„One to accept the function of arbitrator commits to execute it impartially and with professional care so that a reasonable protection of rights and interests of the parties to arbitration is guaranteed and so that rights and interests thereof are not infringed and so that no rights are misused for disadvantage thereof. The arbitrator, when performing their duties, shall act and decide without undue delay.“


Crypt, s.r.o.
Stráž 8419
960 01 Zvolen
The Slovak Republic